Courts & Tribunals

There are many courts and tribunals in Kolkata dealing specifically with labour laws starting from the basic office of the Labour Commissioner to the Labour Courts/ Industrial Tribunals. Basically the Labour Courts/ Industrial Tribunals/ Central Government Industrial Tribunal deal with the case of illegal termination of a workman. On the other hand, the Payment of Wages Court, Controlling Authority under Shops & Establishment Act deals with recovery of wages. Employees’ Compensation Courts awards compensation to the injured workmen while Employees’ Insurance Court looks after matters related to ESI Act, 1948. Since labour law is a vast field and different than other stream of law, it is advisable to consult a labour law advocate in Kolkata before taking any legal steps as the industrial disputes lawyer will be able to guide you in a proper and efficient way. For further details on various courts related to the labour laws check the links under mentioned:

1. Labour Courts and Industrial Tribunals
2. Central Government Industrial Tribunal
3. Employees’ Compensation Courts
4. Court under the Payment of Wages Act
5. Employees’ Insurance Court
6. Controlling Authority under the Payment of Gratuity Act (State Government – Central)
7. Controlling Authority under the West Bengal Shops & Establishment Act, 1963
8. Office of the Labour Commissioner
9. Hearing at the Employees State Insurance (ESI) Corporation
10. Hearing before the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO)