Does Working from Home Increases Output of the Employee

Working from home and working in the office are very different. But with the advent of technology, organisations often prefer ‘working from home’ employees as it would increase the productivity. Some HRs are strict while adhering to regular attendance by implementing bio-metric system; on the other hand, working from home are also encouraged as the employees can work from the comfort of their homes without the tension of being in the office and also have some more to spend with their families, which in term can increase the productivity of the employees.

Working from home not only increases productivity, but also reduces time of conveyance and travelling expenditure apart from time, which is the most valuable ingredient in today’s world. Employees often lose half of their energy while trying to reach office in time; in that case it is unfair to expect them to provide cent percent dedication towards the work. Considering the transportation system in India, going to office is a huge pain. That is why many organisations mostly IT sectors are encouraging their employees to work from home too and offering the employees flexible working hours.

Though this is highly recommendable and even practiced by many organisations, but this “work from home” policy should not be followed with eyes closed. Many organisations like hospitals, hotels, manufacturing units etc. can allow its employees to work from home. On the other hand, IT companies are in favour of virtual offices as most of their employees are capable of doing their work on a PC/ laptop with a high speed internet connection.

Employees, mostly in the IT sectors are opting for jobs which is providing more working hour flexibility with lesser salary than a high pay packet but with rigid working hours. If employees are allowed to access the office network outside their offices, they can easily work home or even during a vacation (which is not very desirable though).

Companies implementing flexible working hours and working from home facilities to their employees must consider that these facilities should increase the productivity of the organisation. Working from home is not a fashion statement; it should benefit both the employer and employees. A high quality of self discipline is very much essential. There will be nobody to supervise a working from home employee. So before implementing this, one must assess himself whether he is ready for it. Success of this work from home system solely depends on the nature of the organisations. Even the result may vary from one department to another of the same organisation. One can give it a try and then implement it further if it is found to be successful.

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